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A stunning image of the earth taken from space. The light from the sun has started to come into view as the earth spins on its axis. The black feature-less backdrop of space against the earth makes this image truly awe-inspiring.

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17 February 2023 Holly Eckersley

Time-lapse photography beautifully articulates the progress of a project, the change in a landscape and the transformation of a particular area over a period of time. Many businesses are seeing the benefits of using this method of photography for internal and external communications, marketing purposes and to document and celebrate a particular job. At Time-Lapse Systems we have worked with many different companies from many different sectors and our skilled team are able to capture any project for any duration of time.

The spherical shape of the earth against the backdrop of clusters of stars and far off galaxies. Light is emitted from the stars and the swirling shapes of galaxies illuminating the clouds that lie suspended over the earth.

Although, many of the projects that we work for tend to be in the demolition, construction, retail, education, events and infrastructure sector; we realise the full potential of time-lapse to document and showcase the natural world and space.

The study of space not only helps us to understand ourselves and our place here on earth granting a broader perspective, but also helps us to understand phenomena such as gravity and the atmosphere. With space exploration becoming more and more commercialised as technology advances and individuals such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos invest in space exploration, we look at how the earth has been documented from space using time-lapse photography.

Time-lapse of the Sun

Space.com uses time-lapse footage of the Sun taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Orbiter in this stunning time-lapse video. Their two-minute video shows the changing surface of the Sun over 133 days. These awe-inspiring images were taken by NASA as part of their documentation of space weather. An image of the Sun was captured every 0.75 seconds by the Goddard Space Flight Center team showing the Sun’s outermost atmospheric layer, the corona.

Time-Lapse of the Universe

NASA’S NEOWISE comet and asteroid explorer has captured mind-blowing images of the universe. Orbiting around 300 miles above Earth over the course of six months using its infrared detectors it captures a view of the cosmos. This truly stunning time-lapse video available at space.com shows space activity over the last 10 years far beyond our solar system.

An image of an astronaut as he walks on a water-like substance. The full-scale of the moon can be seen directly behind the astronaut. A pink cloud cuts across the frame giving the image a supernatural appearance.

Time-Lapse of the Earth: The Way the Earth has Changed since the Blue Marble Image

We are all aware of the fragility of our planet and how much has changed since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Working in partnership, NASA, Planetary Visions and Living Earth Orchestra have released a series of time-lapse videos to show how much the Earth has changed in the last fifty years. NASA’s ‘EPIC’ camera was commissioned in 2015 to take images of the Earth. Originally the camera took a full-scale image of the Earth every two hours. On the 7th December 2022 EPIC’S interval rate was amended so that it took an image every 13 minutes for three hours, offering an almost real-time image of the Earth.

The time-lapse videos were produced in hopes of raising awareness of climate change and to inspire viewers to help preserve and protect our planet.

Time-lapse: an Astronaut’s View from Space

It is not just our wonderful engineers at Time-Lapse Systems who are using time-lapse photography, but astronauts too! NASA astronaut, Nick Hague took images of the Earth from the International Space Station showing our planet against the black backdrop of space. Time-lapse photography perfectly expresses how small the world is when contextualised against the infinite and ever-expanding universe.

Our skilled engineers are comfortable working at height, although being sent to space may be a step too far. Time-lapse photography is a wonderful media to show progress and change in a particular location. These breath-taking videos showcase how time-lapse photography can articulate the transformation of a project or area. If you would like to hear more about the services we offer, please get in touch. We undertake any job over and duration of time and are happy to have a no commitment discussion about your project today.


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