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Charming Baker working in his studio

News Special time-lapse project with Charming Baker

5 May 2016 Kate

Four months working with Charming Baker in preparation for his latest exhibition

SOTHEBY’S London is the latest in a long-line of prestigious venues where we have installed a bespoke time-lapse camera system – this time in the name of art.

Since December last year we have been working with Alan ‘Charming’ Baker – one of the most dynamic artists of his generation – to help document his work in the build up to his new solo show at Sotheby’s S2 Gallery.

Most recently we discreetly mounted a time-lapse camera system in the gallery ahead of the installation in April, making the set-up and launch of Charming’s six-week “Sweet Nothing” show available to view in Ultra HD over our secure online viewing platform.

This was in addition to a three-month long period of capture we completed at Alan’s own studio in London, carefully managing the hours of operation to accurately document Baker at full-flow, creating the art that is now on display at S2 until 27 May 2016.

Due to the ever-changing environment that Charming works in, we carefully managed everything from capture rates to optimal lighting settings to ensure the highest-quality time-lapse video possible.

Charming-Baker A still frame from our launch night time-lapse

Alan himself is renowned across the art world for his high quality and innovative pieces, but also has a “reputation for damaging his work” – dragging paintings around, taking drills and tools to them, and shooting them with a gun!
Four months of solid work has gone into this particular series, although some of the pieces were started two years ago.

He has previously exhibited his work across London and the USA – including at the NY Studio Gallery, New York, and Milk Studios, Los Angeles – with his work now in many international collections. And both Damien Hurst and Sir Paul Smith have endorsed Charming, amongst other famous faces in the art world.

The time-lapse footage taken at Charming Baker’s studio and the Sotheby’s exhibition has now been used in two special videos, both available to watch online. These were produced by Rory Hanrahan, incorporating video elements from Charming’s son Harvey Cantrill Baker:

Other world-famous landmarks of historical important we have captured at include the Royal Albert Hall, the University of Oxford and the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth, amongst many others.

We want to say a massive thank you to Alan for allowing us the opportunity to work with him over the past few months and for his help at both his studio and on location at Sotheby’s. The whole team at Hideaway Media have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wish him all the best with his current and future exhibitions.

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