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News Two new faces join Time-Lapse Systems

18 May 2016 Kate


COMMITTED to maintaining the highest levels of knowledge, skills and experience in our respective fields, the expansion of our team means we can continue to offer fully integrated specialisms and services.

Since the company was founded in 2007, Hideaway Studios Group has worked with a number of the leading companies in construction, media, entertainment and commerce across the globe.

Providing an array of media services, including film and video and specialist time-lapse photography, we have worked on a vast number of projects, big and small, for high profile clients.

The newest members of our team, Natasha Allsopp and Wallis Seaton, reflect the continuing growth of our company and our on-going commitment to providing a wide range of specialisms and services.

Natasha Allsopp
Natasha, as Senior Developer for Hideaway, will be at the helm of all our in-house web-based services, overseeing everything from design to development.

Responsible for all our front-end development, Natasha ensures that our visual interface matches the quality and accessibility of our services by creating content that is not only aesthetically pleasing but delivers functional, user-friendly results.

Graduating with a degree in Computing Science, Natasha then spent five years in the industry, working on the design and development of websites for one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, as well as for companies within the financial services and other sectors.

Natasha’s interest in web development began at 12 years of age, creating a website designed to list the various events of acting and singing group she was involved with at the time.

Designing websites soon went from merely a hobby to a full-time occupation and is something that she has always enjoyed and excelled at.

For Natasha the quality is in the detail and she prides herself on ensuring every element of whatever she creates works in harmony.

As our newly appointed Senior Researcher and Project Manager, Wallis also brings a combination of practical and academic expertise to her new role. Responsible for research and information gathering for many of Hideaway’s projects, Wallis’ experience and understanding of research methodologies lends itself well to our thorough and dynamic approach.

Wallis graduated with a dual honours degree in English Literature and Media Studies. She is currently studying for a PhD in Film Studies at Keele University, where her research explores issues of commodification, identity, and stardom/celebrity in relation to popular female characters in contemporary American film and television.

With her passion for film and television from an early age, Wallis’ interests lie in exploring the meanings behind certain visual media. She said: “My research, to some extent, focuses on the language behind media texts, so searching for the details and exploring their significance in contemporary culture.”

Wallis is eager to implement her understanding of media and cultural theory into building on our initiative to integrate theoretical, practical, and technological approaches across different projects.

Natasha and Wallis are great additions to the Hideaway team, where the combination of academic and practical skills and knowledge are amongst the strongest assets enhancing the creative drive of the company.

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