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Phoebe Hood

News Spotlight on Time-Lapse Editor – Phoebe Hood

16 January 2023 Holly Eckersley

Time-Lapse Systems are proud to have a huge depth and breadth of expertise within the company. We’ve decided it’s time to celebrate our skills and to start with, we would like to shine a spotlight on one of our talented senior video editors, Phoebe Hood.

What does a video editor do at Time-Lapse Systems?

Put very simply, our skilled editors ensure we have the best possible capture throughout a project and then produce stunning time-lapse film sequences for our prestigious clients. We are proud to have a dedicated in-house team of specialist video editors.

Who is Phoebe Hood?

Phoebe Hood joined our team at Time-Lapse Systems just over two years ago and has quickly become a shining star in our editing team. Starting off as a junior editor, in a short period of time Phoebe progressed to the role of a senior editor due to her hard work and exceptional skills in helping to create the finished edits of our wonderful time-lapse videos.

Phoebe Hood

What does it take to become a timelapse editor?

Graduating from Staffordshire University with a first-class honours degree in ‘Digital Film and Post-Production Technology’, Phoebe looks to bring her technical expertise along with her passion for graphics to all of our projects. She states: ‘I love how I am fortunate enough to directly apply the knowledge and skills I gained from my degree in our projects. Every action in our edits has a purpose and is considered. I find it very rewarding when I get to bring my own creative flair to the editing process’.

Incorporating music into time-lapse videos.

To bring individuality and creativity to every edit, Phoebe uses her passion for music to create content that seamlessly has pace with the music of a time-lapse edit. When she creates an edit, she tries to ‘feel’ the edit to create ‘an effortless rhythm within each piece, using the music to enhance the visual experience’.

Bespoke time-lapse.

Phoebe and Time-Lapse Systems are always looking for innovative ways to elevate timelapse footage and to personalise each piece for our clients, strictly to their brand guidelines.
As our in-house camera engineers are experienced in specialised camera work, and we have several drone pilots in our team, we can produce a wide variety of footage. This allows Phoebe and the editing team plenty of creative space to produce fully bespoke edits to fulfil our client’s needs.

Multiple location edits.

Phoebe’s favourite project to date is one that spans multiple locations for HS2. The complex, long-term High-Speed Two rail project requires progress edits so the client can showcase and update stakeholders and interested parties throughout the scheme. Phoebe has been given lots of free reign in her edits, using the fabulous shots taken from various camera systems at numerous different sites. Trying new transitioning techniques, she has been able to use some of the internal and external footage to link together and create continuity across a range of locations.

Moving time-lapse with technology.

It is important for time-lapse video editors to keep developing their skills to ensure the best possible end results for clients. Time-Lapse Systems have supported Phoebe’s personal career development, so she has extended her skills to become ‘Adobe Certified in Premier Pro and After Effects’ allowing her to be an ‘Adobe Certified Professional in Video Design’.
Phoebe’s role as a senior editor is not just a job but a passion. In her spare time she films her partner in ‘Crossfit’ competitions and uses this to further develop her editing skills, to improve her techniques and to explore new technologies.

Archive management of time-lapse images.

Phoebe is part of Time-Lapse System’s rapidly expanding editing team, who are responsible for the finished individually tailored timelapse videos that are given to each client at the end of a project. Due to our rapid motion capture technology, each camera system generates many images over the course of its installation. Phoebe and our editors are not only responsible for creating the final video but are always looking for ways to improve the team’s editing workflow by organising the large amounts of images created by each camera and archiving and using the images when needed.


The editing work hub.

Phoebe enjoys being part of a close-knit editing team. Many of the team studied similar courses and went to the same university. With similar academic backgrounds, they use the same post-production techniques, although handily each editor has slightly different interests in the editing process. Phoebe is fascinated by graphics and animation, whilst other editors are always researching new cutting-edge technology. This collectively helps Time-Lapse Systems to continually improve and perfect editing processes. As Phoebe says ‘It’s great being part of a work community who share a similar passion. We all learn from each other’.

Collaborating with clients.

Apart from working with such a nice team of people, Phoebe also highlights how her favourite part of her job is working with such great clients. As no job is the same, every day is different for a Time-Lapse Systems editor. Phoebe and the editors always ensure they liaise extensively with a client so that they can fully understand what is needed from an edit, meaning ‘it is so rewarding when we get such positive feedback and we get to see the content we have created used. I’m so proud of the work we do as a team, and all the different parts we all play in creating the end product’.

Phoebe and our talented team of editors collaborate on a significant number and range of projects, always finding innovative quality time-lapse solutions to fulfil client requirements and high expectations.

Find out more about our commitment to continuing to provide the highest quality editing service and time-lapse.

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