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A beautiful deep brown butterfly against orange stalks.

News The Time-Lapse of Butterflies

7 May 2024 Holly Eckersley

Time-lapse photography can serve as a tool to capture the subtle nuances of transformation in nature. The time-lapse of the life cycle of butterflies is extremely popular on YouTube, as millions of people watch this compelling spectacle take place. These videos not only document the incremental phases of growth of a butterfly’s life cycle but also offer insights into the ecological significance of butterflies within their respective habitats. By capturing the life cycle in its entirety, from caterpillar to butterfly, these time-lapse videos shed light on the interconnectedness of species within ecosystems. Through their lens, viewers gain a deeper appreciation for the role of butterflies as pollinators, agents of biodiversity, and indicators of environmental health. Moreover, time-lapse footage is a valuable tool for scientific inquiry, enabling researchers to study the nuances of butterfly behaviour and development. By analysing the subtle shifts captured within each frame, scientists can glean insights into the factors influencing butterfly populations, from climate change to habitat degradation. In this way, time-lapse has the power to contribute to our collective understanding of ecological dynamics and inform conservation efforts aimed at safeguarding butterfly habitats.

In this article, we will look at some examples of time-lapse photography that have been posted on YouTube which show the captivating narrative of the transformation of butterflies. From the humble beginnings of a caterpillar to the ephemeral beauty of a butterfly in flight, each phase of the life cycle unfolds with meticulous detail. Many of these videos invite viewers to contemplate the delicate balance upon which life depends by focusing on the wonders of nature all around us.


A white and black butterfly emerges from a chrysalis.

Butterfly Metamorphosis

FrontYardVideo has posted this video on YouTube showing a caterpillar feeding to pupation and eclosing from a crysallis. The time-lapse images show each stage of this process and the video culminates with the beautiful monarch butterfly slowing emerging from its crysallis and taking flight. Set to the song, ‘Smile Quiet Looking Up‘ its calming melodic beat creates a serene and tranquil experience for the viewer which works in harmony with the graceful and delicate movement of the butterfly. The monarch butterfly is an endangered species due to deforestation of wintering forests which they rely on along their migration corridors. FrontYardVideo posts a link where viewers can order free seeds for native pollinator garden plants which these butterflies rely on.

BBC Earth Time-Lapse of a Caterpillar

BBC Earth produced this video, which has been posted on YouTube, showing the life-cycle of a brimstone caterpillar. The video is narrated explaining this biological transition in time with the time-lapse images making incredibly informative as-well as entertaining viewing. Time-lapse photography effectively showcases natural processes, like this butterfly’s life cycle, due to its condensed format. It compresses lengthy periods into manageable viewing times, making organic changes like metamorphosis, accessible and engaging. By accelerating time, it reveals the intricate stages of growth and transformation with clarity. Time-lapse becomes an ideal tool for conveying the beauty and complexity of this natural phenomena, fostering appreciation and education whilst creating a compelling narrative.

Butterfly Life Cycle

This time-lapse video by BirdyOfficial has received over 1.8 million views on YouTube showing the perpetual fascination with the natural developmental cycle of a butterfly. This video shows the common Painted Lady butterfly as it moves through its growth cycle and emerges from its crysallis. Filmed over a three week period, this extraordinary change is captured in detail to show each phase. This particular butterfly is a long distance migrant and is frequently seen all over the UK. These butterflies can travel thousands of miles, crossing continents during their annual migrations. Their ability to adapt to various habitats enables them to thrive in diverse environments, contributing to their widespread presence. During migration, they can be spotted in gardens, parks, and countryside throughout the UK, adding to the biodiversity of local ecosystems. Their resilience and adaptability make them a common sight, symbolising the interconnectedness of nature across vast distances. We love this time-lapse video and how it informs viewers about the natural world.

Time-lapse effectively portrays butterfly’s life cycles by condensing extended periods into concise footage. It allows viewers to witness the gradual transformation of egg to caterpillar, chrysalis, and finally, butterfly, in a manageable timeframe. This compressed format highlights the key stages of development, enabling a clear depiction of the intricate process. By speeding up time, time-lapse reveals the gradual changes that occur, making the otherwise slow progression captivating and accessible. It provides a comprehensive visual narrative of a butterfly’s lifecycle, aiding both scientific study and public understanding. Furthermore, time-lapse footage often enhances educational materials and documentaries, offering a compelling and informative portrayal of nature’s wonders. The videos we have looked at here show how enthusiasts use this media to inform, educate and entertain viewers on this wonderful natural phenomena. We also love how these time-lapse videos are helping to raise awareness around butterfly conservation projects which will help this threatened group of wildlife to survive.

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An image of a row of butterfly cocoons.

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