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Christmas Wreath

News The Time-Lapse of Christmas Wreaths

14 December 2022 Holly Eckersley

As foliage and floral wreaths adorn our doors in anticipation of Christmas, we thought we’d take a further look at the art and how it can be effectively time-lapsed.

The history of European Christmas decorations

Christmas wreaths are a popular yuletide decoration. Hung on the door their unbroken, circular shape serve as a symbol of perfection and eternity. The tradition of bringing evergreens into the house in winter began in the 16th Century and was re-popularised in the UK during the Victorian period by Prince Albert who shared his German Christmas traditions. In the spirit of frugality, Christmas wreaths were often made from the off-cuts of a Christmas tree when it was pruned.

Using time-lapse for wreath design

Time-lapse filming has become so popular that many hobbyists are using this technology to capture arts and crafts projects, such as Christmas decorations.

‘Anna’s Gardening Channel’ utilises time-lapse to show how simple it is to make your own DIY wreath at home. The careful layering of bunches of greenery on a circle template, offers an inviting yuletide display to any front door!

Due to the cost of the ever popular wreath making workshop, these time-lapse videos show how easy it is to create your very own at home and offer a free tutorial to save you money.

Time-lapse of wreath art

Time-lapse is not only a popular media for DIY wreath making tutorials, but is also used to showcase progress in digital art design and popular mindfulness art projects. ‘Marinova Designs’ uses time-lapse to capture her Christmas wreath art and to show the layering of detail and the evolution of her creation.

Similarly, using the camera function on her phone, ‘Erin’ uses time-lapse to show the development of her beautiful watercolour wreath art. Perfect for homemade Christmas cards, this video shows the simplicity and striking results of a basic wreath design which is incredibly easy to achieve.

All-year wreaths

Wreaths have commonly been used to give a striking festive effect to a home’s entrance. The rising popularity of seasonal door displays, which are often seen trending on Instagram, have meant that these yuletide designs are now seen all year. Autumnal wreaths made with crispy leaves and featuring earthy colour palettes are eye-catching, whilst spring wreaths with moss, speckled eggs and pastel rabbits serve to evoke the mood of the season.

Holidaze’ uses time-lapse footage to show how an easter wreath can be easily created from craft materials.


Time-Lapse – perfect progress sequences

Here at Time-Lapse Systems, we are often asked to film lots of different projects for short-term and long-term installations. Over the years we have filmed for a variety of commercial and private projects, and we are proud to have worked with a range of different clients. Our rapid motion capture technology can perfectly demonstrate the process of any construction over any period of time.

Find out more about further uses of time-lapse and the high-quality service we provide for projects big and small.

Or please get in touch with our experienced team to find out more.


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