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An image of Caernarfon Castle standing majestically against the beautiful rolling hill of Wales. The Time-Lapse of Caernarfon Castle.

News Time-Lapse of Caernarfon Castle

27 October 2023 Holly Eckersley

We have recently documented the incredible work that has taken place Caernarfon Castle. The work benefited from £5,000,000 of investment to make significant improvements to enhance the visitor experience.

This significant investment saw access levels improved with a light-weight glazed lift to the upper embattlements. Plus, it included a newly created cafe, accessible toilet facilities and involved conservation works to the King’s Gate, an improved retail space and imaginative interactive and immersive experiences for guests within the castle. Additionally, a portion of the monies allocated were spent on making the town walls of Porth Mawr more accessible as well as the creation of two luxury apartments and significant associated conservation work.

An image of Caernarfon Castle. A blue sky makes the castle look majestic and beautiful.As part of the project, important archaeological investigation work was conducted by a team from Salford University uncovering evidence of the castle’s previously unknown early history. The team’s findings helped to give a clearer picture of the site’s history. Floor levels were revealed, archaeological remains unearthed, as-well as the bedrock on which the existing castle was built, being revealed. The team found shards of 1st century Roman pottery helping to inform historians how the site was previously used before the construction of the existing castle; built in 1283. Their excavation work suggests that there had previously been a motte and bailey fortification and the team were able to chart how the castle developed in the 13th and 14th centuries. The team also unearthed historical floor finishes which have been preserved for future generations to enjoy. These findings were also helpful to Rhyl based contractors, Grosvenor Construction, who managed this exciting project. Archaeological excavation work helped to establish drainage routes for new disabled toilets in the King’s Gate basement, for example.

An image of Caernarfon Castle taken from one of Time-Lapse Systems' cameras.

As well as uncovering a wealth of historical information, this fantastic project will have many social and economic benefits for the area for many years to come.

Our above Ultra HD time-lapse cameras captured every step of this three year project at the castle from a great vantage point, giving many interested parties a unique perspective over the works and documenting this chapter in the story of this important historical site.

We have worked on many projects which involve the restoration and preservation of historical buildings, including The Royal Albert Hall, The Mary Rose Museum, Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Manchester Town Hall. Our specialist team of engineers use custom-made specialist bracketry to ensure the integrity of a building is always protected and fully understand the restrictions around listed historical buildings.

Read more about the Caernarfon Castle project, and also view one of our time-lapse videos we captured for the project here.

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