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An image of an English cottage. The thatched roof and porch are characteristic of historic builds in this area.

News Using Time-Lapse to Document House Builds

26 October 2023 Holly Eckersley

A home is always a special place, a place that offers sanctuary, to gather with loved ones and to escape the demands of everyday life. Expressions such as ‘there is no place like home’ and ‘home is where the heart is’ articulate the importance of our home as more than a physical location but as a special place that anchors us in the busyness of our lives. The concept of a home has inspired poetry and literature over the centuries such as works by Rudyard Kipling and Christina Rossetti, showing the emotive attachment that we have to where we live. Homes are created all over the world in many different ways and by different means, from our traditional brick and wooden structures to homes made from banana leaves in Rwanda. The landscape, geographical location, the people who live within and the items that we use to furnish, all merge to help define ‘home’ and in turn ourselves. It is this understanding of the cultural and personal importance of the home in our lives that has inspired us to consider some of the ways that these special places have been captured using time-lapse.

A row of historic stone cottages. A quintessentially English country view.In this YouTube video by Jerrett Films Construction, a house build is documented using time-lapse. The video shows the foundations and cellars being constructed as-well as the full timber frame of the house being erected and the floor and roof being created. A range of shots from different angles show the sheer scale of the project, and the many hours of labour by a number of tradespersons are condensed into a few minutes of film, which show this incredible property taking shape. A variety of different shots, including images from the perspective of a cherry picker driver and from the roof, show the quality of the work produced on this stunning house build.

This video utilises time-lapse to showcase a full house makeover and the construction of a new extension. A number of shots from a range of camera positions give the viewer the full impression of the new extension and the added space that it offers its owner. We love how Jerrett Films Construction uses a range of mid-shots and long shots to clearly show the full effects of the makeover taking shape. An aerial shot taken directly over the buildingusing drone photography offers a clear image of the new size and shape of the building. The upbeat rock musical score articulates the energy of the team as they work hard to deliver incredible results to their client. They have cleverly edited the sequence in time with the music to give a lovely tempo to the video. We really enjoyed watching this time-lapse sequence and watching this incredible build take shape.

In this video by Zeisetconstruction each element of this house build is captured using time-lapse photography. The construction of the house’s foundation, the timber ‘A’ frame, walls, cladding and roof are cleverly documented in this wonderful video. The clouds quickly moving overhead help articulate the passage of time in the video. We loved watching this fascinating house build take shape and the fabulous result at the end is a joy to see.

At Time-Lapse Systems we have worked on a variety of residential projects all over the world ourselves, including house builds from Antigua to Central London. In the same way as those featured in this article, we aim to fully document the process and the craftmanship that goes into each unique built and the creation of special places that ultimately become someone’s ‘home’. We are incredibly proud to work on such a range of prestigious projects for the construction industry in all its genres of work. But as the time-lapse of private residential builds continues to gain greater popularity; with the home owner, contractors, developers and architects, then our services to market and document their work become more in demand. We have captured some incredibly special homes over the years, such as from farmhouses, Georgian manor restorations, new build family homes and cutting-edge eco houses. We have thoroughly enjoyed chronicling the journey of each project that we work for and hope that our clients enjoy having this record of their property’s journey.

An image of a private house build captured by one of Time-Lapse Systems' above Ultra HD cameras.An image of just one of the stunning private residential builds Time-Lapse Systems are capturing in stunning above Ultra HD quality

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