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An image of the sun partially disguised by clouds. An orange glow engulfs the frame of the image. Time-Lapse of sunrises and sunsets

News Time-Lapse of Sunrises and Sunsets

13 June 2023 Holly Eckersley

Taking time out of a busy day to watch a beautiful sunset or sunrise is an inspiring experience which is often shared on social media. Costing nothing, it evokes a sense of calm and reinforces gratitude in the beholder as this daily spectacle of mother nature takes place. The psychological de-stressing effects of watching the sun’s movements has been proven and can quickly grant perspective and help shake off a bad mood. Also, taking time out for yourself and getting outside, even if for a short time, has proven benefits for mental health. The sun’s timelessness and power have often been the subject of poetry and literature through the ages, writers such as William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman have all been inspired by its magnificence. Let us all pause from time to time, take in the rich changing awe-inspiring colours of the sky and be grateful for all that we have.

With this in mind, we consider time-lapse photography of the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening.The changing light and tones of the sky is a natural phenomenon that can be viewed from anywhere. Amateur photographers have harnessed the striking effects of time-lapse to demonstrate the majestic splendour of the sun.

A beautiful image of the sun setting, a lake and long grass in the forefront of the shot help set the tone of this tranquil scene. The light of the sun shimmers on the waves of the water reflecting the rich orange tones of the light. Time-lapse of sunrises and sunsets.

Time-Lapse of a Sunrise and Sunset over Bristol City Centre

This beautiful time-lapse video by Channel Nature articulates the sun’s movements throughout the day. This YouTube video shows how the Bristol City Centre shoreline is illuminated and the rhythmic movement of clouds rolling overhead coupled with the array of changing colours of the sky draws attention to nature within an urban setting. This time-lapse of a sunrise and sunset coupled with the melodic tune of the video’s musical score imbues a sense of calm over the viewer and offers a peaceful snapshot of Bristol City Centre.

Hamilton, New Zealand: Sunrise Time-Lapse

The sunrise over the city of Hamilton is captured in this stunning time-lapse video by this YouTube user. The dense woodland and far off hills create a beautiful backdrop as the sun slowly rises in this video, drawing the viewer’s attention to the landscape of the city.

Minnesota Sunrise and Sunset Time-Lapse

In this time-lapse video by John Hoaglun the sun’s movements over a 24 hour period are captured. Recorded at a farm in Minnesota, the sun’s incremental light on green pastures and rolling hills emphasise the beauty of an ordinary pastoral setting. We take for granted the moving clouds and the position of the sun, however this time-lapse video articulates the divine nature of this daily occurring event.

Arctic Sun Time-Lapse

In this time-lapse video filmed in Salla, Lapland by Anniina Olkkonen, it shows the sun’s movements as it comes in to view from behind a mountain range. The video was recorded in January 2020 and shows the beautiful landscape of this remote snow-covered area. Watch the visual splendour of this natural phenomenon in this fabulous time-lapse video.

These videos show how the constant life-force of the sun often goes unnoticed in our daily lives. These videos encourage viewers to slow down and appreciate this daily occurring event and highlight the sheer beauty of the sunrising and setting. Time-lapse photography shows change over a set period of time and emphasises the majestic beauty of naturally occurring events, such as the sun’s movements. We are happy to see how time-lapse photography is becoming more popular and amateur photographers are using the creative potential of time-lapse to showcase their projects.

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