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News Time-Lapse Systems: just some of the numbers

2 February 2015 Daniel Curtis

How would employing us potentially benefit your business?

As we constantly improve our systems and techniques, more and more companies are enlisting our services to help monitor and manage any number of projects.

We have put together this blog to breakdown some of the interesting trends and numbers that highlight just how important remote photography has become.


Constant coverage: Our cameras can capture 24/7, 365 days of the year, with images transferred to our secure servers and then instantly uploaded online. Each client has their own, personal viewing portal, which allows them to see a view of their project in the best possible quality. They can use their time-stamped images for a plethora of purposes, such as record keeping, work-flow, monitoring, sharing with colleagues and clients, distributing to press, for presentations and for broader marketing.

We constantly monitor our cameras remotely and vary the capture rates according to changing conditions, to ensure more than sufficient images are taken to document every last detail. Combined, our cameras capture 10,000 images per day. That’s over 280,000 images in any given month – and up to a staggering 3.5 million a year.


Nationally renowned: We really can work anywhere we are needed. Our UK systems are spread right across the country, on a wide variety of jobs. From Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides to the Kent Coast, our fully accredited engineers can set up cameras in just about any location.

From capturing highly creative projects for the Royal Albert Hall to documenting vital possession works for Network Rail, our cameras are deployed in all manner of environments and circumstances – and for many purposes.

Our ability, diversity and expertise allows us the capability to work across all sectors, such as construction, demolition, rail, utilities, special events, manufacturing, house building and so on.

As the map shows, the highest proportion of our camera systems are operating in London and the South East at the moment. The majority are capturing the many forms of construction work, which are booming in this region. However, the deployment of our imaging systems is growing in many other regions. Remote site monitoring and time-lapse production is utilised by a full spectrum of clients, from the biggest construction companies to independent contractors.


Marketing your product: But a lot of clients also place as much, if not more emphasis on the need for a tight marketing video at the end of the project. As well as supplying timely edits at chosen intervals, we work with clients to create a stunning, ultra High Definition packages for them to use.


International recognition: Vimeo, as just one of the channels we use, has racked up tens of thousands of views of our sequences, but even more impressive is the reach they have around the world. From Burkina Faso to Qatar and El Salvador to Australia, our edits have proven global appeal.


The potential: Of course, the Vimeo statistics are just from our own profile. The majority of our clients chose to upload finished edits to their own websites or corporate channels.

As a snapshot, more than one of our sequences has gone viral. A particular piece we produced for Alton Towers achieved over two and a half million views, whilst sequences for Legoland and the Royal Albert Hall have racked up over 75,000 views.

You can imagine the coverage, reach and impact such sequences can have, helping to promote the companies we work for.

We are always happy to talk through any time-lapse requirements you might have. Please visit our contact page to find out how to get in touch.

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