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Time-lapse still of snowfall at the Nicholson Institute, Stornoway, at night

News Time Lapse Systems Withstand Severe Weather

3 December 2010 Kate

The image above is taken from the viewer of our camera in Stornoway. This one has not been subject to as severe weather as some of our other camera systems…. but, like them, it has captured some great winter construction images…

Whilst snow, northern and easterly winds and sub zero temperatures have battered our time-lapse camera systems in various parts of the country, they have remained operating continuously. Our temperature sensors recorded at temperature of -12 at our location in Sheffield, whilst sensors on our other camera systems around the UK also recorded prolonged periods, day and night, of temperatures well below zero. However, without any exception, all our cameras have continued to operate without a single problem. This is partly due to our unique thermostatically controlled climate modules, built into each time-lapse camera system…. which keep our equipment functioning in the best operating conditions possible.

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