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News Time-Lapsing Warehouses and Sheds

17 April 2023 Kate

The construction of ‘sheds’, distribution centres, warehouses and fulfilment centres has risen in-line with the huge increase in e-commerce and goods going direct to consumers. Time-Lapse Systems are proud to be at the forefront of capturing ‘super shed’ construction and to have reported for some of the largest global companies involved in these projects – such as Amazon and XPO Logistics.

Our talented, in-house team ensure the best quality possible, right through from our expert engineers strategically installing our bespoke camera systems in the field, through to our dedicated monitoring team expertly micro-managing capture from day one through to project completion.


Since 2018, we have been capturing extensively on Amazon projects, as they construct new ‘sheds’ across the UK and retrofit existing fulfilment centres with the latest in stock & product distribution technology.
Our time-lapse camera systems have played an integral part in managing the efficiency of the multi-national company’s UK expansion plans. Particularly so our dedicated viewing portal – iRis 5.0 – by allowing all key Amazon team members access to remotely monitor ‘live’ or archived footage, for internal and external communications.

Amazon at Peterborough
Amazon’s new distribution centre at Peterborough as seen from our camera system

The use of the platform during the projects helped us manage various locations at the same time, overcome potential challenges, and made it easier to communicate the progress with the stakeholders involved. Regarding the final timelapse video that was created demonstrated perfectly all the work that every team member has put in, to meet the great results.

Kyriakos G. Kyriakopoulos – Engineering Project Manager, Amazon

As part of this, we are delighted to have documented for Amazon the construction of a distribution network across 25 UK sites, the advanced robotics and automation at their LBA4 site, Doncaster, and the retrofitting of existing distribution sites to uplift capacity.


XPO Logistics

We also have a long-standing relationship with XPO Logistics, one of the top 10 global logistics providers used by some of the most successful companies in the world – for example Adidas, IKEA, M&S and H&M. We have captured warehouse fit-outs for the company in-part because time-lapse is ideal for tracking methodical and consistent processes, such as the installation of warehouse racking and machinery. With our bespoke camera systems installed by our in-house engineers for optimal view, the capture regularly records each incremental phase of activity to reflect the complexities of works undertaken. This can be remotely viewed, monitored, and analysed via our viewing portal to ensure construction progress and warehouse efficiency is optimal.

Silverstone Park

At MEPC’s innovative technology and research business park in Northamptonshire, we’ve been providing ongoing long-term capture for various developments. Our cutting-edge camera systems have already captured the construction of 1500 – 1506 Silverstone Park and have reported on the build of 1136 Silverstone Park.
Through our capture and the time-lapse videos edited by our skilled editors, MEPC can showcase the construction and developments at the hi-tech business park to attract new clients to this leading technology hub.  


We are also documenting another innovative site – SmartParc. This new, 140-acre, campus-style park in Spondon, Derbyshire, utilises new technologies to improve efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint of food production. Our reporting on this vast project allows all the relevant team members to remotely monitor progress and also to use images for communication purposes, as each phase progresses.

Data Centres

Across the UK, large data centres, housing computer systems such as telecommunications and storage systems, are being erected. We are capturing many of these sensitive projects, of which the majority we cannot talk about – due to the sensitivities of the projects and our adherence to the very strictest safety protocols, as well as maintaining any confidentialities our clients wish us to.

Of the many projects we have time-lapsed, however, we are pleased to be able to show at least one of these – Kao Data Centre.


Showcasing Warehouse Projects through Video

Hideaway Media Ltd (Time-Lapse Systems) specialist in-house editors create bespoke videos from the time-lapse footage we capture. These short videos are used within companies to communicate milestones internally with staff, externally to make the public aware of projects and as a showcase for potential new investors or clients.

We are privileged to have been chosen and trusted by large global and national companies to capture their large-scale UK projects. We are always looking to provide innovative quality solutions to fulfil the most demanding requirements and expectations in a fast-growing industry.  Please get in touch with our experienced team to find out more. 

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