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7 February 2024 Holly Eckersley

Winter weather can transform the world into a magical landscape of ethereal beauty. Soft falling snowflakes, the glistening frost adorning branches like delicate crystals, and the serene hush that blankets the earth—all contribute to the unique charm of this season. Photography, as a powerful medium, holds the key to immortalising these fleeting moments, capturing the essence of winter in a timeless frame. In winter, the world becomes a canvas painted in shades of white and silver, offering a visual symphony of contrasts. Photography adeptly freezes these ephemeral scenes, allowing us to revisit the enchantment of snow and frost covered landscapes long after the season has passed. The interplay of light and shadow on a snowy canvas, the brilliance of a winter sunset casting hues of pink and gold across the sky—all these marvels find their eternal place through the lens of a camera. Time-lapse photography is perfectly adept at capturing this time of year showcasing the light and landscape of winter. In this article we consider the transformative power of winter and the unique charm it brings through others’ time-lapse videos posted on YouTube.

An image of a snowy oak tree.

Time-Lapse Photography of Winter

We always admire other people’s work, and in this YouTube video the urban cityscape winter experience is captured by time-lapse. The graceful descent of snowflakes and trees adorned with lights create a winter wonderland amongst the backdrop of some of New York’s iconic architecture. High rise buildings, skyscrapers and road intersections are distinctive and this video shows increasing snow fall as people go about their daily lives in this bustling location. Time-Lapse photography creates a compelling narrative of winter city life in this important American city.

Blizzard Time-Lapse YouTube

The effects of the 2016 storm Jonas are displayed in this YouTube video captured in North Virginia. Documenting 48 hours of snow fall, this time-lapse video shows the effects of 31 inches of snow on the landscape. A chair is placed in the mid-shot of the frame which becomes increasingly submerged in snow until it completely disappears.

Ski Range Time-Lapse

‘Silent Peaks’ shows the accumulation of snow on majestic peaks. Cloud movements give a sense of the height and scale of the Alps location and shots of changing rose-hued light give this time-lapse video an ethereal quality. Additionally, a low angled shot of the night sky shows star constellations framed by the awe-inspiring mountain range. This breathtaking time-lapse video serves as a visual ode to the grandeur and solitude of winter in high altitudes.

Winter Solstice Time-Lapse at Stonehenge

The season’s most captivating moments are captured by ‘English Heritage‘s’ time-lapse video of Stonehenge during the winter solstice. This YouTube video shows crowds gathering at this important site showing this winter landscape in superb definition. Stonehenge is an important monument which has silently marked the sun’s movements for thousands of years. Neolithic people would have kept track of the sun’s cycles and Stonehenge was built to align with the solstices. Scientists and archaeologists believe that Stonehenge would have had both practical and spiritual significance as it would help people to keep track of changing seasons and to possibly worship and commune with others during midsummer and midwinter. As seen in this YouTube video many visitors gather to this day, to watch the sunrise at this time of year.

Time-Lapse Systems UK:

These videos collectively show the magic of winter, capturing the essence of the season and beyond. At Time-Lapse Systems we recognise the beauty and allure that winter brings to the world of time-lapse photography. Winter landscapes provide a captivating canvas for enthusiasts to explore the transformative power of this unique season through the lens of their cameras.

In parallel with the time-lapse enthusiasts featured in this article, we share a fascination for the striking images associated with the season. As providers of long-term solutions, we capture seamlessly through all seasons including the winter months, and the winter images that our systems record- replete with frosts, snowfalls and moody skies- are part of an ever-changing seasonal tapestry.

Although many striking images are captured during winter, the season does provide many challenges. Capturing time-lapse in adverse winter conditions requires meticulous planning and the utilisation of advanced equipment and techniques and our in-house development teams need to ensure that our systems are built to tackle the trials of winter head-on. From the deployment of our camera enclosures, equipped with remotely controlled internal heaters to prevent frost and misting; through to the use of remote power management to control our solar-powered equipment to cope with less light; to the use of high-content filtered LR time-lapse technology to edit out unwanted weather elements- we have developed solutions that enable us to overcome the challenges.

Indeed, as a measure of our success, our commitment to delivering exceptional results in even the most extreme weather conditions has taken our time-lapse systems far afield, including deployments to locations such as the Scottish Hebrides, as well as Svalbard in the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic, for the Norwegian Polar Institute. Our own experience of mitigating the challenges of harsh weather in our time-lapse work reflects our dedication to excellence and our ability to produce remarkable results against the odds. The reward for us and our clients is seeing those captivating images and the time-lapse sequences they produce.

Our years of experience have cemented our reputation as an established and trusted provider. Our established track record speaks volumes about the reliability and professionalism we bring to every project. One of the key reasons behind our leadership in the industry is our ability to offer comprehensive time-lapse services tailored to the unique needs of our clients, we always endeavour to deliver our services with precision and creativity.

If you would like to hear more about the services we offer please get in touch.

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