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An image of a man on a hike walking on a path through rugged hills. The Time-Lapse of Walks and Hikes.

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24 January 2024 Holly Eckersley

Exploring the world on foot is a timeless human pursuit, and in the digital age, enthusiasts have found a new way to share these experiences- through the mesmerising lens of time-lapse photography. Time-lapse videos have become a ubiquitous feature across various online platforms, offering viewers a unique perspective on the passage of time. When applied to walks and hikes, this technique captures the dynamic nature of these outdoor pursuits, showcasing the changing landscapes, shifting light, and the rhythmic cadence of footsteps. In recent years, a burgeoning community of time-lapse enthusiasts has emerged, documenting their walks and hikes in breathtaking sequences. YouTube, being a hub for diverse content, has become the primary canvas for these creators to exhibit their time-lapse masterpieces. Here, we consider some wonderful examples of time-lapse photography that have been shared online showing the beauty of some wonderful journeys, walks and hikes all over the world.

A sunset image of hills and a lone tree in the distance. Time-lapse of hikes and walks.

Time-Lapse Visual Travel Journal

For avid walkers and hikers, time-lapse videos serve as more than just a visual treat. They offer a condensed, yet immersive, experience of the journey. Viewers can witness the transformation of landscapes, from serene sunrises to the vibrant hues of sunset, all in a matter of minutes. This condensed storytelling not only captures the essence of exploration but also allows for a deeper appreciation of the natural world. In this YouTube video ‘Christoph Rehage‘ charts his year long walk through China. Filmed in 2007, this time-lapse video shows his 4500 km walk where he took a daily image of himself during his pilgrimage showing his changing appearance and surroundings. His hair and beard are longer and his skin shows signs of being in the sun at the end of this video, the images included show rugged mountain ranges, police checkpoints, bustling city streets, hotel rooms, bilateral symmetry of Chinese architecture and interested locals in the background of his photos. This wonderful time-lapse video gives the viewer a sense of this YouTuber’s journey and the experiences that have been gained.

Exploring the Diversity of Terrains

One of the remarkable aspects of the time-lapse walk and hike genre is its ability to transcend geographical boundaries allowing people to share the beauty of walks and hikes. These videos also serve as a source of inspiration for others to embark on their own outdoor adventures. The online community of time-lapse enthusiasts has fostered a unique sense of connection among viewers. Through YouTube, creators share their favourite trails, hidden gems, and challenging ascents, creating a virtual community of like-minded individuals. In this YouTube video by ‘Wienot Films‘ a four day hike in the Santa Fe National Forest is captured using a GoPro Hero 7. Viewers get a sense of this back-packing group’s journey through the Pecos Wilderness area as they scramble over fallen tree trucks and make their way through open pastures and dense forest on their 26 mile hike.

Scenic Hike Time-Lapse

This YouTube video uses time-lapse to show Norway’s most famous hike route to Preikestolen in Norway. This 8km hike has an elevation gain of 500 metres and offers stunning views of Lysefjord below. Many people share images of themselves on the famous Pulpit Rock which is incredibly beautiful. This time-lapse video shows the entire scenic hike route giving the viewer a sense of the journey and its difficulty.

Spiritual and Personal Growth: Challenging Hikes

In this YouTube video by ‘Andy Davidhazy‘ time-lapse is used to show a 2,660 mile solo hike journey on the Pacific Crest Trail. Starting at the Mexican border travelling up to Canada, this wonderful self-shot video shows the mountains of California up to Oregon and Washington through 4,900 pictures taken by Andy over the course of his journey. Taken over five months, not only does this spectacular time-lapse video show the changing landscape but Andy’s changing shape which saw him lose a staggering 50lbs. This video has been viewed and shared millions of times and has inspired others to get outdoors and to set their own personal challenges, with many users commenting on the post describing their own hikes which they had completed after watching this video. Andy has gone on to discuss the reasons for his decision to take on this challenging hike and the benefits for his personal growth and mental well-being. We love how time-lapse captures the essence of this journey and we think that Andy did an incredible job!

Time-Lapse Systems: Pioneering Excellence

The time-lapse of walks and hikes has evolved into a captivating form of storytelling, allowing enthusiasts to share their outdoor escapades with a global audience. Time-Lapse Systems, as the UK’s premier provider of time-lapse services, understands the significance of this digital exploration and we love to see how this media form has been used in such creative ways. With every project we undertake we seek to tell a story, and often we do capture the beauty of the surrounding areas which provides the broader context for each project. When we recently captured a project for Chatsworth House and Grange Park Opera the beautiful background settings elevated the videos’ visual impact showing the changing colour of leaves and flowers and fauna springing to life. Indeed, we recently sponsored a local 10km challenge and filmed the route for excited participants. Set in the stunning Churnet Valley, the Alton Fun Run offered incredible scenery as-well as the fabulous opportunity to spend time with others in the community.

As technology continues to shape the future of visual storytelling, the allure of time-lapse walks and hikes promises to endure, offering a timeless glimpse into the wonders of exploration. We as a company recognise the value in this genre of time-lapse and love to see the beauty of diverse landscapes and how these videos help people to connect with a community that shares a passion for the great outdoors.

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