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Early morning snow at Air Products in the North of England

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19 August 2015 Daniel Curtis

Across the world professionals, amateurs and hobbyists are busy sharing their photographs to celebrate World Photography Day 2015.

Described by worldphotoday.com as “an open community event focused on celebrating photography”, the lack of geographical boundaries across social media mean images that span vastly different cultures and landscapes are flooding the Internet and turning it into a more vibrant and diverse experience than ever before – if just for a day.

At the time of writing, the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay has been trending on Twitter for a number of hours and users are sharing shots of everything – from aerial photography and stunning sunsets to the last meal they cooked and DIY back gardens. The popularity of Instagram and its filters also seems to be encouraging people to get involved.

Despite new images populating social media news feeds every couple of seconds, we have had a look through the spam and advertisements, and dug out some interesting and unique favourites to share in today’s blog.

Click on the links – highlighted in red – in each paragraph and the shared picture will open in a new tab or window.

Sybille (@borzoi) shared a great shot of a sunset over the Strait of Juan de Fuca near Vancouver Island, Canada, and the Olympic Peninsula, USA. The detail on the water is incredible, the sunlight helping to capture its texture beautifully.

Puppy fans – get ready! Rich Walker’s (@whiskeyrich) stunning photo of his “very tired puppy” is beautifully lit and focused. Every tuft of fur has its own unique depth and colouring. Try and pull yourself out of its warm and everlasting stare!

The Great Lighthouses of Ireland (@gtlighthouses) Twitter account shared four vastly contrasting images of lighthouses from around the coast to celebrate World Photography Day. The pictures capture the solidarity and (apparent) loneliness of their locations against the extreme weather and sea conditions surrounding them.

As mentioned earlier on, everyone – regardless of ability or access to professional equipment – is getting involved, sharing pictures of just about anything. Leonardo Aular Jr. (@leoaul) expressly states he used his mobile phone to capture this photo of the Manhattan Bridge.

As well as the influx of #WorldPhotographyDay images being posted, time-lapse videos are also being uploaded at their usual rate – but with little mention. Here are a few worth a watch.

Anthony Franchino recently spent six hours at Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania, capturing the Milky Way and sunrise. Although this equates to a video that is less than half a minute in length, it is set wonderfully to soothing music and makes for a beautiful time-lapse video.

Another America-based photographer – Andrew Welker – has uploaded a landscape-based time-lapse of Annette Lake, Washington. Much like the video above, it is ‘short and sweet’, but manages to show off the contrasting colours and textures of the weather and area.

Finally, this sunrise video from David Peel gives us a glimpse of the USA’s mountain region. Shot in Wyoming, the sun comes up amongst the trees and smoky morning air in a matter of seconds.

It seems only fair – as Time-Lapse Systems is a leading remote photography company – that we should share some of our favourite images from across some of our camera systems. Please enjoy the selection of shots below on this year’s #WorldPhotographyDay.





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