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News 6 Ways to Use Time Lapse Videos in Construction

14 April 2014 Daniel Curtis

Bulldozers, cranes, saws and hand tools aren’t the only pieces of equipment you should have at your construction site. You should also have high-definition cameras that capture images to be used to create time-lapse videos. You’re probably wondering what you would use time-lapse videos for, but these are powerful tools you can use to accomplish so many things.

To have a time-lapse video made of your site project, you’ll need to work with a professional. A technician will visit your site and install cameras and equipment that will take images, at regular intervals, of your site.

Here at Time-Lapse Systems we have years of experience in construction site monitoring using time lapse photography, so why not get in touch today?

Then, the technician will use the images to create a time-lapse video that illustrates a project in high speed in just a few minutes. The video can also be combined with music to make it a more polished product.

Keep a Visual Record of Construction Projects

You already know how important it is that you keep detailed records of your projects. Written reports, images, blueprints and sketches are all important, but they can’t capture a project quite like a time-lapse video can.

With a time-lapse video, your records will be complete. You will have a visual representation of the entire project in action, from beginning to end. You can easily go back to review a project to see exactly what was accomplished, how you did a project and to study the construction with a visual companion.

Review Processes with Your Team

Time-lapse videos are also a great way to review processes with your team. Those images and reports are helpful, but when you can show your team a video of a project, you can get an instant look into what was accomplished.

These videos are excellent ways to capture the essence of a project. They allow you to see the entire site at once and to watch the process unfold very quickly. There’s nothing quite like a time-lapse video to encourage a team and promote enthusiasm. You can share one department’s success with an entire company in a matter of minutes, promoting teamwork and camaraderie.

Show Your Client How a Project is Progressing

While you are working on a site, your client is anxious to know what is happening. He wants to know how far the project has come, what changes have been made and how things are developing.

One of the best ways to show a client how his site is progressing is to show him a time-lapse video. You can use these videos to show off a portion of a site and what has been accomplished.

Because time-lapse videos show major changes in a very short amount of time, they are ideal for giving someone a sense of progress. They are also a good way to give a general report without going into technical details, which is perfect for someone who isn’t in the construction or building industry.

Watch this video to get an idea of how a time-lapse video of your construction site can look like!

Stornoway – Nicolson Institute – Full Sequence from Hideaway Media on Vimeo.

Stakeholders like donors, CEOs, employees, local government leaders and others all want to know how a project is developing on a general level, and a time-lapse video is a great way to give a visually-compelling update.

Pitch Potential Clients

What better way to pitch potential clients and get their business than by showing them exactly what you can do? Time-lapse videos are one of the best ways to highlight change and the scope of a project. They let you illustrate a very large project in just a few minutes and can give the viewer a true sense of the depth of a project and exactly what was involved.

Time-lapse videos show things in a new light, as they show change that normally happens over several weeks or months in just minutes. This is a good way to show potential clients exactly what you are capable of and how successful your past projects have been.

Highlight Your Work on your Website in a Creative Way

Time-lapse videos are excellent when combined with a marketing plan and can be posted on your website or blog to help you highlight your work. It would be nearly impossible for you to describe all of your projects in depth or use images to show them in their best light.

These videos give you the chance to show people how a project changed an area and the scope and depth of a project. They are also amazing to watch, so they will impress your site visitors and help you get more clients.

But, don’t forget that you can also use these videos on social media, in email marketing messages and almost anywhere else online. Investing in time-lapse videos is an excellent way to enhance your marketing plan.

Grab People’s Attention at Events

But, you don’t just have to use your time-lapse videos online; you can also use them to promote your business at events. You can play them on screens in your lobby, at your booth at a trade show or as part of a presentation at a conference or networking event.

Time-lapse videos are fun to watch. They show incredible accomplishments and major projects in just minutes and in high speed, so an audience can begin to understand just what was involved in the project.

When you use time-lapse videos at an event, you will capture peoples’ attention. People will stop and take notice and be impressed by what you have done and what your business is capable of.

There’s no question that time-lapse videos are a must-have on your construction sites. This technology can help you capture the details and depth of a project, so that you can review it later, and even promote your business.

Contact a member of Time-Lapse Systems today to start getting the benefits time-lapse videos have to offer. A representative can come to your site and set up cameras so that they will capture your project and then use the images to create beautiful, and even awe-inspiring videos that illustrate what your business does.

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