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News Capturing construction with time-lapse

15 September 2016 Daniel Curtis

Evolving camera technologies and innovative approaches continue to create opportunities for construction companies, allowing them to benefit from extensive time-lapse and site monitoring capabilities.

Photography has always been used as a tool to document the world around us, but modern cameras now allow us even more options to capture our surrounding environment. As such, robust camera systems built to withstand sometimes extreme outdoor conditions are a familiar technological element utilised on construction sites.

Specialist technology means that the camera, its components and the housing it sits in are all equally complex, with – for example – climate controlled elements allowing the system to function at optimum capacity for the duration of the project.

Possible due to developments such as these and the continuous functionality they provide, site monitoring is increasingly utilised by major contractors as well as smaller firms in order to track progress of their work.

For urban environments especially, where construction projects are likely to be of long-term duration on sites of considerable scale, value, prestige and public interest, professional networked systems allow remote control of the camera.

Camera systems in operation 24/7 can be set to capture images at regular intervals for any length of time. These can then be accessed via secure, online viewing portals by project managers, stakeholders, staff and (in some cases) the wider public.

Site monitoring also serves other practical purposes for contractors as the real-time capture means that activity on-site can be viewed as it happens.

Operated by professionals, camera systems can be installed in a variety of innovative ways and offer unique visual perspectives of on-site activity. External construction projects are likely to require a considerable visual scope so it is essential that camera systems are in situ in the most advantageous position.

In addition to time-lapse capture, views and edits can be enhanced by taking an aerial perspective of work, allowing the viewer to experience the scale of a project from a different angle. Drone technology and traditional mast photography can offer increased visual scope of a site.

While remote time-lapse and site monitoring serve a practical purpose on construction sites, these photography and video solutions are now also incorporated into marketing efforts by contractors and their clients.

Modern DSLR cameras and bespoke time-lapse equipment can capture in HD quality, providing a stunning visual record of any project.

And as part of a professional service, video and time-lapse experts can mould images into a captivating sequence, highlighting periods of peak activity and offering the most appealing perspectives.

Time-lapse in particular has become a heavily utilised technique in terms of showcasing construction work in a manner best befitting the digital age. Condensing long-term construction progress into bite-size, shareable content showcases your product to global platforms on television, the Internet and social networks, boosting your audience and your potential appeal.

To find out more about how our time-lapse and site monitoring solutions can benefit your construction project, visit our services page or contact us for more information.

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