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Giant big-top tent being raised at Chessington

News Utilising time-lapse for effective event management

12 September 2016 Daniel Curtis

As specialists in time-lapse photography and video solutions, our work has taken us up and down the country, for various nationally and globally renowned clients.

The diverse range of our specialisms and years of experience – as well as the versatility of time-lapse as a photographic medium – means that our skills are applicable to a host of different genres. This includes special events, where remote site monitoring can be especially beneficial in helping both of these types of subjects and many more.

Whether operating in an external or internal environment, a time-lapse camera system can supply an advantageous perspective of the action and provide a live overview of the action. This was the case a project at Chessington World of Adventures.

Over the course of two days, we supplied a fully manned time-lapse camera system to capture the construction of a huge marquee that housed an outdoor event at the resort in Surrey.

Following its construction, we also provided capture from within the marquee – operated and viewable remotely thanks to our secure online viewing portal iRis – capturing the construction of lighting and staging equipment, all the activity, and the eventual de-rigging.

For events that will involve large crowds of people, the positioning of the camera-system is an important decision that must be considered before any other preparations can be made.

When commissioned to capture a special concert by American singer-songwriter, P!nk, which took place at the Alton Towers resort in the summer of 2010, we were able to utilise structures that were already in place.

Securely mounting our camera system to a building on site, we were able to time-lapse the stage construction, the concert itself and the de-rigging processes from a position that offered suitable height and distance relative to the subject.

Of course, all external events are subject to the elements, so it is essential that your camera system can withstand the sometimes turbulent conditions posed by the weather.

At Time-Lapse Systems, our cameras operate at full capacity regardless of troubling climates.

In order to combat the notoriously unpredictable weather changes in Scotland, we installed unique thermostatically controlled climate modules into the bespoke camera system, ensuring that it was able to perform in strong winds and torrential rain at St Andrews links.

Particularly with sporting events, camera systems need to be robust so as to adapt to the changing lighting conditions of external environments as well as the heightened levels of action to be captured.

With a new image uploaded every 15 minutes to our secure viewing portal, our clients, GL events, were able to regularly monitor the changing conditions on-site from anywhere in the world.

For internal venues where the action is subject to various artificial lighting conditions, this can be a challenge for camera systems that are operating constantly for projects of particularly lengthy duration.

Working for the Royal Albert Hall on a one-year project incorporated all of these challenges.

Commissioned to capture all 390 events over the course of 12 months at this prestigious venue, all with individual technical specifications, our camera system had to be carefully monitored around the clock.

Featuring the Royal Variety Performance, Cirque du Soleil, Masters Tennis, The Proms, and more, our completed time-lapse video was greatly received by our clients and the wider public. The sequence has been viewed over 86,000 times on YouTube.

To find out how our time-lapse video and monitoring services can benefit your own events, please see our website.

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