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Molson Coors demolition.

News Food and Beverage Time-Lapse Projects

11 January 2024 Holly Eckersley

Food and drinks manufacturing is an important sector in the UK worth an estimated £30.4 billion. This core element of UK manufacturing represents 15% of all manufacturing turnover in the UK, showing how incredibly vital it is to the UK economy. At Time-Lapse Systems we work extensively with food and drinks manufacturing companies capturing an array of exciting projects for some well-known prestigious clients.

Time-Lapse of Greggs

We time-lapsed work at the Balliol National Distribution Centre for Greggs. This iconic English bakery produces some of the UK’s most treasured food goods and we were asked to provide a number of our up to 8K above Ultra HD systems to capture all activity at the location. This new state-of-the-art £26 million distribution centre helps to consolidate the company’s operation helping to stream-line and run it more efficiently and effectively. The centre has a vast frozen storage facility, fully automated pallet storage and retrieval system, a three storey annexe housing staff facilities, loading docks and plant rooms. Our talented and skilled technicians took some incredible footage showing ‘the life of a pallet’ at the facility, capturing the different elements of this vast warehouse and distribution site. We are known for our high quality time-lapse work, but as this video demonstrates we are able to compliment and accommodate our videos with a range of other filming techniques and styles. Our editors artfully put the sequence together showing the skill of our team.

Pentadel- distributing for Pasta Evangelists

We captured the construction of a large warehouse and distribution centre for our client Pentadel. Here artisan pasta makers, Pasta Evangelists, will ship our their incredible products to customers. We captured the full construction of this innovative industrial facility with a number of our bespoke time-lapse cameras. Our skilled team of editors worked hard to make this time-lapse sequence seemingly move to the musical score of the video. This vast steel framed building looks incredible and our cameras caught some excellent shots of the different phases of its construction.

Guenther Bakeries producers of McDonald’s baked goods

We recently captured the construction of a new production line at a factory in Banbury for our client, Guenther Trousdale Bakery. This company provides a range of branded and privately labelled food products for well-known clients such as McDonald’s. This company was established over 160 years ago and has 20 manufacturing locations all over the world and employs over 3,000 people. Time-lapse is often used for the external capture of construction and demolition projects, this video demonstrates how time-lapse can also artfully document internal projects.


Greenalls Gin Distillery

We were asked to capture construction work at Greenall’s gin distillery. This gin has been handcrafted by England’s oldest gin distillers since 1761 and continues to use the same recipe which was created 250 years ago. Our cameras documented this new phase in the brand’s growth ensuring that this quintessentially English tipple can be enjoyed by customers all over the world. 30% of all UK gin is manufactured at this distillery in Birchwood, Warrington which is the oldest in the country. With two high speed lines this drinks manufacturer can fill 400 bottles per minute. Our time-lapse systems captured construction work at the site which will help ensure that all of our client’s operations work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Greenall's gin distillery.

Greencore manufacturers of M & S sandwiches and Charlie Bigham’s ready meals

Greencore are leading producers of convenience foods, the team entrusted us to document the construction of new production lines at a manufacturing facility in Worksop. The company produces 645,0000 food to go items every year and has over 35 facilities in the UK and employs over 14,000 people. The company has produced delicious meals for M & S and Charlie Bigham’s, and is the proud recipient of the ‘Quality Food Award’ and has been nominated for the upcoming FMT Food Industry Award which recognises excellence in the food manufacturing sector. Our time-lapse photography is the perfect media to show the evolution of an indoor space and allows our clients to communicate milestones internally with staff and externally for marketing purposes. We have worked with a range of national companies capturing the construction of warehouses and shed builds, internal fit-outs of shops as-well as vast manufacturing facilities. Our team only use the very best equipment and work hard to ensure that we provide quality solutions.


Our work in the food sector is not just limited to food manufacturing facilities, we have also worked for a number of national supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s. We time-lapsed the construction of a new superstore in Sellyoak, Birmingham which along with groceries sells TU and Oasis clothing, Habitat home appliances, Argos products, a toy section, furniture and even a coffee shop. This one stop shop ensures that customers can get exactly what they need easily.



We have time-lapsed a number of projects for our client, Tesco, including the construction of their head office in Hertfordshire. The headquarters of this national company is known as the ‘heart building’ articulating that it is an important space for collaboration and networking for staff. The building features a dramatic central atrium, event space, state-of-the-art gym and the Tesco training academy. The soft curved shape of the building is surrounded by a thoughtful landscaping design which compliments the natural tones, metal detailing and balcony walkways which collectively give this space impact. Our time-lapse cameras captured the full-scale of the construction of this important building, the beating heart of one of the nation’s most popular supermarkets.


Hello Fresh

We have recently captured the internal fit-out of a new production facility for our client Hello Fresh. The company offers a range of delicious recipes, which are carefully curated by their in-house chefs. Customers can choose their own bespoke meal plan and have the option to select the dishes of their choice; each customer will then receive all of the pre-portioned ingredients needed to create a restaurant style meal at home. These meal kits offer a waste-free, simple and stress-free way to make scrumptious meals at home. Our cameras documented a number of new production lines being built, where ingredients are packed and the boxes labelled ready to be distributed to their customers.

Time-lapse of Müller Factory

As the leading provider of time-lapse in the UK we are often asked to capture the construction of large scale buildings, warehouses and factories showing new important phases of growth for companies. Our client, Müller asked us to document the full build of their new manufacturing facilities in Market Drayton. We are based in the Midlands giving us the perfect base to attend sites all over the UK, although our engineers were particularly delighted to install on this prestigious job so close to home. This £17 million plant has created over 100 new jobs and will make over 45,000 tons of butter each year, making it the biggest butter factory in the country.

Time-Lapse Systems Premium Time-Lapse Supplier: Working Nationwide

Food and drinks manufacturers choose us as their preferred providers of time-lapse photography due to our years of experience in this sector and our extensive portfolio of work, further to the examples above we have also worked with Waitrose, The Alchemist bar and restaurant, Shreiber Foods, DHL, Molson Coors and The Coop. These long-term projects need very careful management, so that we can show each phase of activity in the best way possible. Our clients have access to our own in-house developed viewing platform, iRis, which allows them to see live images of the site, all historic images and the option to create on-demand progress edits. We have the capabilities and knowledge to capture both internal and external projects and we offer a range of services, such as drone photography, 360 and aerial film photography which can be integrated into our time-lapse videos.

Our team can discuss your specific requirements and tailor our packages accordingly. If you would like to hear more about the services we offer please get in touch.

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