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Pre-construction works on-site at MEPC's 10 Wellington Place office development in Leeds city centre.

News The importance of a multimedia approach to business

13 September 2017 Kate

In order to deliver the best possible services across multiple genres, it is sometimes necessary to implement a multimedia approach.

One size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to providing media services for clients working across a range of different sectors.

It is essential, therefore, to offer tailored solutions in order to fulfil specific requirements that come with each new project. For clients big or small, each approach should be designed to deliver unique but future-proof results.

Multimedia narratives

Construction, demolition, events & leisure, utilities, manufacturing & retail are just a selection of areas where multimedia is helping towards marketability and branding initiatives.

The integration of media services is an important factor when providing necessary results for companies working in these different sectors.

Time-lapse photography

Utilising time-lapse photography has revolutionised the kinds of narratives that can be told about the work that companies do. In the field of construction, for example, a visual record of building progress taking place over several months, even years, can be rendered in a stunning two-minute sequence (like the one below).

MEPC – 10 Wellington Place build time-lapse from Hideaway Studios Group on Vimeo.

This can be viewed, shared, and embedded across multiple platforms easily, making it an interesting and efficient way for clients to advertise themselves to the world.

But campaigns like this do not have to stop at time-lapse. Other forms of video capture can be used in combination with this to broaden the scope of some narratives.

Film and video

High definition film and video, for example, can help bring subjects to life on-screen.

Quality video capture can deliver a range of styles to fit the particulars of a project and the kinds of purposes for which the narrative is intended. As well as for marketing and promotional uses, a combination of time-lapse and video are excellent for delivering documentary, cinematic, instructional, and show reel material, to name only a few.

For the incredibly complex engineering works at Essar’s Stanlow Oil Refinery (below), video was an important additional element in the detailed documentation of the replacement of a 450-tonne regenerator head at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Essar Stanlow – Regenerator Cyclone replacement time-lapse from Hideaway Studios Group on Vimeo.

This incredible feat only happens once every 25 years, which adds to the importance of this visual report on the project. The added text markers help to ‘tell the story’, while the combination of time-lapse and video illuminates and records each piece of equipment, personnel, and the challenging circumstances involved in each phase of this project.

Aerial photography, video, and 360°

360° drone shot looking over Battersea Power Station and the River Thames

Above: 360° drone shot looking over Battersea Power Station and the River Thames.

Video and photography can be utilised with an armoury of supporting equipment.

Drones enable aerial photography and video – perfect for capturing stunning cityscapes. When coupled with 360° functions, epic panoramas can create exciting and engaging content, whatever the subject.

The interactive element of such creations not only changes how companies showcase their work, but offers new ways in which customers and stakeholders visualise and experience this.

Of course, drone-assisted methods are not the only way of delivering this kind of content. 360° photography and video captured from the ground can also deliver equally as impressive results.

From this 360° video of the Congo River Rapids water-ride at Alton Towers Theme Park (above) – the first of its kind to be filmed at the resort – viewers can take a course on choppy waters and through the twin waterfalls without having to get wet. Mounting a bespoke video rig to the raft ensured a rock-steady picture against the harsh currents of the ride, creating the best possible viewing experience.

For entertainment and leisure companies like Alton Towers, such immersive methods really help to communicate the ‘fun factor’ of their attractions.

Multi-genre solutions

Just from this handful of examples, it is clear to see how the combination of these different visual media can open up new means of expression for companies and businesses in all manner of sectors.

Time-lapse alone is multi-genre solution, as its versatility allows for multiple applications. Integration with other unique video productions extends these applications further still.

Find out more about the time-lapse, film and video services that we provide by visiting our services pages.

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