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BBC TV colour bars screen.

Why use time-lapse on television?

BBC TV colour bars screen.

We provide time-lapse for new TV series ‘Grand Designs: The Street’

Screenshot from Grand Designs The Street credits, showing Hideaway Media Time-Lapse Systems involvemnet

Time-Lapse Systems: our 2018 round-up – part one

A collection of feature images from time-lapse UK projects in 2018, including the Wicker Man and the European Championships

Another of our time-lapses features on national television

Screenshot of Wicker Man ride time-lapse from Alton Towers Resort documentary Inside Alton Towers broadcast on Channel 4

‘Broadcast-ready’ time-lapse

Our time-lapse footage of the Mary Rose on the BBC News at Ten

Where does time-lapse photography ‘fit in’?

Pink performing on-stage at her summer concert at Alton Towers, Staffordshire
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