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News Time-Lapse Systems: just some updated numbers

4 August 2016 Daniel Curtis

In February 2015 we brought you “just some of the numbers”, a blog detailing our spread of projects, varied work and most popular edits. 18 months on, we are crunching some more numbers to give you an updated look at our statistics.

We constantly strive to offer the best in time-lapse and site monitoring to our clients, with more companies than ever before using and benefiting from our work.

In this blog we take a look at some of the interesting trends and numbers that highlight our continuing growth and offer a reflection on just how important our remote imaging & site monitoring has become.

Our live projects across the UK9 - time-lapse-systems-uk-map

We currently have camera systems on sites that spread right across the country, on a wide variety of jobs and with various different specifications. We are nationally renowned for this reason – as we really can work anywhere that we are needed.

Every one of our bespoke systems is unique, but they are all built in order to withstand all manner of different circumstances, environments and conditions. So whether stationed in the Outer Hebrides off the northern coast of Scotland or down in the metropolitan areas of London, our cameras will maintain the same quality of capture regardless of the surroundings and nature of the project.

Although we can and are operating across the UK, the highest proportion of our camera systems are currently in situ in London and the South of England. These are all being used for the dual purpose of time-lapse and site monitoring, in both internal & external environments and on construction sites, office fit-outs, residential builds & more.

Sectors we are currently working in

We have a rich and varied history building and operating our time-lapse camera systems, with a dedicated, fully qualified and experienced team able to install in any environment. Coupled with our remote networking capabilities – allowing us to monitor the system and adjust settings remotely if needed – we can offer a complete time-lapse package no matter the conditions.

And as media specialists with years of experience across more sectors than anyone else, we know how to create the best quality video, time-lapse and aerial images for any requirements. This includes all of the projects we are currently working on and many more genres of work.

9 - time-lapse-systems-sectors

Complete coverage

9 - time-lapse-systems-daily-imagesAs our work is utilised across a broad spectrum of sectors, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the individual needs for each of our clients. At Time-Lapse Systems it is of the utmost importance to us that we maintain a consistent, professional service throughout the course of any project, no matter its duration.

Adjusting settings remotely as needed, we can capture well over 15,000 images a day across all our current jobs. And that huge amount of data is of course completely secure. Every image is transferred to our secure, mirrored servers and additionally manually backed-up in multiple locations by our team.

A global reach

Our service does not end when on-site activity is complete, but only when we have produced and provided to our clients a stunning time-lapse video package (in Ultra HD) that they can use internally, as a marketing tool or any number of other uses.

Part of this process involves meticulously sorting through thousands of individual images to – for example – remove any periods of inactivity, no matter if the project lasted days or years.

Additionally, we edit individual frames, sequences or more, correcting colouring and stabilising the images. Doing this and arranging all the captured images into a visually impressive and flawless sequence means the finished sequence can be disseminated across various media channels.

And whilst hundreds of these videos are stored privately for clients, we do have a number of our favourite edits available to view by the public on our Vimeo channel.

We have received video views in 131 countries across the globe, with the largest portion of these from countries such as the United States, Brazil, Portugal, and Germany. However, they have also reached more obscure parts of the globe, including Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso, and the Republic of Suriname.

9 - time-lapse-systems-video-views

Of course these statistics are based on the limited amount of public videos available on our own Vimeo channel, and do not account for the views that these edits may have accrued through other media and corporate channels utilised by our clients.

Some of our video edits have even received viral attention, namely a particular piece we produced for popular leisure resort and tourist attraction Alton Towers, which has achieved over two and half million views so far.

Other popular videos include a prestigious project documenting a year in the life of the Royal Albert Hall has also racked up over 85,000 views on YouTube alone, along with multiple edits for Legoland achieving over 100,000 hits each.

The reach and impact of our videos help our clients to deliver key messages successfully, provide an historic record and prove popular with their intended audiences time and time again.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss how our services may benefit you or any potential requirements for time-lapse capture that you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help.

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