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Bar area at TenPin The Printworks

News Capturing Internal Leisure Projects

28 February 2022 Kate

Time-lapse is used increasingly for internal leisure projects for marketing, tracking and site-monitoring purposes. Using a mix of short-term rapid-interval capture and long-term documentation, a wide range of interior projects can be effectively reported.

Capturing internal builds and developments

Time-lapse is efficient at capturing the build and development of internal construction projects. By installing a camera system into a position providing optimal view, regularly captured images record each incremental phase of activity.  
At TenPin Printworks in Manchester, documentation of the full refit and transformation of a 50,000 sq ft blank canvas two-level interior into a stunning, contemporary entertainment space took place.

Capturing Internal Leisure Projects - TenPin Printworks Manchester
Capturing at TenPin Printworks

This impressive transformation was skillfully edited into a short video to showcase the work undertaken and to promote the new bowling and leisure venue.


Such capture provided by bespoke camera systems can also be used for site monitoring purposes to oversee internal fit-outs. Using a custom-built viewing platform, contractors and team members have access to a live, remote view of interior construction works as they take place. Through micromanaged capture and site monitoring capabilities, specific elements of the complex project can be remotely managed and monitored, meaning reduced numbers of team members are required on site.

Combining build development and use

By extending time-lapse capture beyond the construction phase and documenting the completed project in use provides a further narrative. Showing how a shell of a building has been transformed into an attractive, well-designed useable space and then having people dining, bowling or working within it makes it more relatable to the public and useful as a marketing tool. It helps customers appreciate the level of work and effort put into creating a leisure facility they can enjoy. In the Calderbrook Foodwell video, what starts as a blank canvas becomes a vibrant, bustling restaurant experience with diners moving around the space.


By combining long term and short-term rapid interval capture at the Huddersfield Leisure Centre, clever skilful editing has created a dynamic, engaging time-lapse video of how elements of the build process were then put into use by the general public.


In the short video for TenPin Acton, the whole re-fit journey is shown from stripping out the existing interiors to the rebuild and then finally to customers enjoying bowling, dining, and using the bar.  


Internal Spaces Captured in Use

Indoor entertainment venues also benefit from using time-lapse to market events and to demonstrate the level of background work involved in bringing productions to fruition. The prestigious Royal Albert Hall commissioned just that in ‘A Year in the Life’. Using uninterrupted capture of 390 events throughout 12 months, a visually arresting behind-the-scenes video documents a ‘year in the life’ of the iconic indoor arts venue.


By cleverly using time-lapse to document internal leisure and entertainment projects, the public can be drawn into appreciating the level of work involved in creating inviting, engaging user-friendly leisure experiences. For more information on how to time-lapse internal projects please get in touch

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