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Time-lapse Systems News: Drones

Hyperlapse vs Time-Lapse: What’s The Difference?


Spotlight on our Principal Engineer: Paul Baddiley

Paul Baddiley-Principal Engineer at Time-Lapse Systems. He sits against a black background looking directly at the camera.

Hideaway Media Ltd (Time-Lapse Systems) Conservation Projects

Hideaway Media Ltd (Time-Lapse Systems) Conservation Projects

Road Construction through Time-Lapse

Time-lapse construction image capturing vital roadworks at Coast Road Junction.

Celebrating Architectural Photography on World Photography Day

How Time-Lapse Can Be Used To Showcase Travel Destinations

VW camper van at the beach front.

Time-lapse Captures the Seasons

Autumnal-coloured tree in a yellow field

Time-Lapse Trends: aerial perspectives

Aerial photography looking down on the city streets of Hong Kong.

How do you use time-lapse photography?

Our time-lapse edit shared by the BFI on Twitter

Aerial photography for construction sites

360° drone shot looking over Battersea Power Station and the River Thames

Further positive developments for drones

A drone in flight.

The importance of a multimedia approach to business

Pre-construction works on-site at MEPC's 10 Wellington Place office development in Leeds city centre.

Documenting development of a city with time-lapse

Cranes working on a construction project in central London

Drones – at the centre of 21st century innovation

A drone and selected camera equipment.

Safety and potential – a balancing act for drones

Aerial view of a roundabout captured using a drone.

360° meets virtual reality

An idyllic castle emerging from the screen of an iPhone - depicting a virtual reality.

Autonomous travel – the future for drones?

Low-angle shot of a drone in flight with a camera affixed to its body.

Media in construction

Cranes working over Albert Embankment at Nine Elms

Regulations and retail – drones are hanging around

Beauty shot of the countryside from a drone

Using drones creatively for a different perspective

360° drone shot looking over Battersea Power Station and the River Thames

Commercial drone use in the UK

Close-up of a drone

Capturing construction with time-lapse

Steel erection at South Essex College

The increasing popularity and use of drones in photography

Drone shot overlooking Battersea Power Station and 101 Prince of Wales Drive

Drone photography finally gets lift-off

Beauty shot of the countryside from a drone
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