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De-rigging a time-lapse camera system from the Mary Rose.

News Internal projects come to life through time-lapse

28 February 2017 Daniel Curtis

HIDEAWAY Studios Group are experts in providing unique time-lapse and video solutions for internal work, having now worked on over 60 projects of this nature.

Ranging from shop fit-outs right through to office developments, we can capture in any internal environment, using our bespoke solutions to create the best quality time-lapse videos – even in the most challenging conditions.

Our time-lapse has been utilised on projects for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, such as Lego, Aston Martin & Tesco, and at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Horse Guards Parade & Sotheby’s.

One of our most recent projects shows the transformation of Lakeland’s flagship store at their Windermere headquarters.

Using two time-lapse camera systems and in situ video capture, we documented the £1 million redevelopment as it took place at one of the Lake District’s most popular visitor destinations. The final edit can now be viewed on the kitchen retailer’s website.

From Cumbria right down to the South Coast, we are able to provide expert time-lapse capture at a variety of locations – such as many prestigious locations across London.

On Oxford Street, we worked alongside both retail and construction staff as Vision Express launched their new flagship store.

Using a remote time-lapse camera system for the construction work and in situ, multi-angle rapid capture for the stocking of shelves, we captured a complete narrative without disrupting the work going on ahead of the store’s grand opening.

Other internal retail projects we have worked on include:

  • Tesco’s ‘Extra’ superstore in King’s Lynn, as well as their Carlisle ‘Metro’ shop
  • Fit-out of Three’s Middlesbrough store
  • Lego’s flagship London store in Leicester Square

Internal environments have a number of additional challenges not faced when capturing externally, such as erratic lighting changes, intense schedules of activity and tight working areas.

As part of our longstanding association with the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, we captured ‘A Year in the Life’, showcasing the venue’s diverse nature.

It required careful remote monitoring and micro-managing via our secure networks to portray this effectively in the final time-lapse video, a service that only Time-Lapse Systems can successfully provide.

The completed edit has been one of our most popular to date and we continue to provide time-lapse for the illustrious London venue.

And last year, we were proud to work at yet another iconic location, the Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

With a track record of working in delicate environments, we were chosen to capture vital development works at the museum, including carefully mounting one of our camera systems on the Mary Rose itself!

For almost a year, we carefully micro-managed the system’s schedule, capturing works relating to the final conservation efforts at the visitor centre. The final time-lapse footage was broadcast on the BBC, as well as being shared on the museum’s website.

Other creative projects we have captured internally include:

For more information on the services we offer and the work we have completed, please visit our projects page.

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