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Last Night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall

Time-Lapsing Iconic British Events & Projects

Last Night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall

We provide time-lapse for new TV series ‘Grand Designs: The Street’

Screenshot from Grand Designs The Street credits, showing Hideaway Media Time-Lapse Systems involvemnet

Time-lapsing in iconic UK locations – Part One

Time-lapsing in the depths of the underground rail networks in Central London for the Postal Museum.

Specialist capture – time-lapse & other solutions

Working from the Mary Rose to capture time-lapse

Another of our time-lapses features on national television

Screenshot of Wicker Man ride time-lapse from Alton Towers Resort documentary Inside Alton Towers broadcast on Channel 4

No limits to where we work – professional quality in any location

Image of the subterranean rail tunnels in central London.

Time-Lapse Systems: our 2016 round-up – part two

News thumbnails showing BFI London, Mary Rose, Construction News and Southampton Freight Services

Over 50 site monitoring systems live across the South

Constructing LSQLONDON in Leicester Square
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