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News Time-lapse – a multi-genre solution

20 October 2016 Daniel Curtis

In recent weeks we have documented various applications for time-lapse and site monitoring, in particular highlighting the adaptability of this medium.

In this blog we provide a brief summary of these possibilities, looking at how particular sectors have been transformed with and continue to benefit from this versatile photography technique.


Time-lapse monitoring for construction


Remotely controlled camera systems are ideal for long-term building projects of any size, allowing 24/7 operation regardless of any surrounding environment.

The ability to monitor sites in up to 8K Ultra HD quality has not only revolutionised how companies document the specificities of progress but has also improved vital business operations. From tracking deliveries and plant movement to ensuring targets and deadlines are being met, the live images are an important tool for site managers, quantity surveyors and other interested parties.

To fulfil their potential and provide the best value to construction sites, site monitoring cameras must withstand severe weather changes for the duration of capture. Specialist hardware as provided by professional companies makes this possible, and ensures uninterrupted site coverage from start to finish.

The capability of this capture method can also be enhanced even further for construction-based projects. Drone technology, for example, is becoming increasingly standardised across industrial and commercial builds as they can offer considerable visual scope alongside the superior quality of time-lapse images. Coupled together, these methods provide a truly all-in-one photography and monitoring solution.


Event management and remote time-lapse


When working at outdoor venues it is not always practical to remain on site at all times, especially during large-scale events. Managing settings remotely means that action can be captured and monitored effectively, with professional operators reacting in real-time to challenging lighting conditions and periods of rapid activity.

This off-site operation relies on a perfect frame of capture, achieved through a suitable mounting position (and often an innovative installation method) and vastly experienced project managers.


Rail projects and the public sector


As a vital part of the public sector, the UK’s rail networks undergo constant maintenance and require a massive amount of work to continue operating in the most efficient way. Such works are not only beneficial to the network providers and their employees but also for the wider publics who utilise these services on a daily basis.

Time-lapse video can be used as a way to share such infrastructure developments to these different audiences to keep everyone in the loop. The combination of visual and textual information detailing different phases of developments can help to build stronger affiliations between services and their publics.


Entertainment and leisure


As camera technology improves, it has become increasingly important for businesses to provide an accurate reflection of their services and products via visual means. Bespoke time-lapse systems and modern DSLR cameras now offer 8K Ultra HD quality images, providing a stunning visual record of any project, regardless of the subject of capture.

These services and products can be applied and used in both indoor and outdoor environments, especially within the leisure and entertainment industries. Whether capturing for popular theme parks and leisure resorts, or for the world’s biggest brands to promote their product, a time-lapse video is a practical and inspired solution for these purposes.

The combination of different rates of capture incorporated alongside segments of standard video, for example, offers a creative yet comprehensive narrative that reflects the fun and enjoyment of the services and products within this sector. Merlin Entertainments and their various Legoland projects have benefited from this imaginative approach.


Retail developments and office builds


The use of time-lapse is becoming more commonplace when capturing developments in retail settings. Also benefiting from the kind of creative opportunities afforded to companies in the leisure and entertainment industries, time-lapse is perfectly suited to capture the transformation of a bare structure into a stylish commercial venue.

Internal projects do however come with the added complication of artificial lighting, sometimes presenting challenging conditions to the visual capabilities of time-lapse.

Professionally managing cameras in situ means that consistency in image quality is maintained throughout the various phases of development. If required, adjusting the location of the camera system through positional changes can also enhance and accentuate major changes.


Documenting history


In the same way that photography freezes a moment in time, utilising time-lapse to capture special historical and cultural events affords some companies the same luxury. Some projects are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences and so time-lapse helps certain memories to be sustained long after they have taken place.

Including both historical and cultural purposes, time-lapse keeps images alive through movement and also functions well in a digital age where sharable online content is an important way of generating global news and attention.


Whether for companies large or small, for projects unique or routine, for short-term capture or long-term monitoring, time-lapse is proven as an effective and adaptable photography and marketing solution.

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