Bonfire Night time-lapsed

The skies were alight with smoke and colour this weekend to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night – or Bonfire Night as it is widely known – an annual commemoration observed every November 5th in a number of countries across the world.

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was a failed assassination attempt on King James I of England. Guy Fawkes and a number of others plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament on the State Opening of England’s Parliament using 36 barrels of gunpowder.

Bonfires were lit across the city of London as a celebration of the failed plot and in the years that followed, this became an official public day of commemoration. Nowadays, Guy Fawkes Night is widely celebrated, especially in the UK, with large-scale organised events and spectacular firework displays.

Bonfires, along with colour and light exploding into the night skies makes for an especially popular subject for photographers and time-lapsers.

As a communal occasion, capturing the coming and going of crowds around a bonfire can be interesting.

This time-lapse by Joby Catto renders Bonfire Night happenings over four-and-a-half hours in Salford. Catto found it to be a useful experiment to look back on the hive of activity in his city on November 5th.

The video immediately below, from Mark Quinn, is a unique take on a firework display time-lapse. Capturing three hours worth of footage on Bonfire Night in Manchester, Mark created a cumulative firework effect using stitching software to build up layers of footage.

This time-lapse, while capturing the spectacular glow we’ve come to expect in skies over big cities on Bonfire Night, also helps to show the volume of fireworks that are ignited over the course of a three-hour period.

Of course, fireworks are not just for November 5th, with many occasions all the year round marked with these sorts of displays.

This time-lapse video by Spotfire documents the New Year’s Eve display from Reno, Nevada. The fireworks are rendered with impressive clarity and colour – something that is particularly difficult to achieve when capturing firework displays.

These sort of events can be fleeting and time flies when you’re having fun! Time-lapse allows you to preserve these memories and watch them again and again. And if you didn’t get chance to go out and enjoy Bonfire Night this year, we hope that these videos from across the Internet are enough of a consolation.

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